Love Wins

by George K.

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An upbeat, high-energy love song. Has a deeper message too. Might come in handy to pick up the person you're attracted to. :-)

The music is 90 bps rock on top of a 180 bps EDM jungle beat; two songs in one. With elements of Broadway, jazz and classical.


I find you classy, cute and sassy, do you possibly fancy my face?
...Then let me bring it near, to you dear, to conserve eye to eye space.
Why watch a love movie, if you can live one?
Nothing beats one hug in 3D. So let's see how it's done... :)
The old Turks did this a lot, and birds and bees and deputies,
but so did Mom and Pop... love will never stop.
Science, moral standards U-turn over time,
but love in a million years will be the same old fine.
Just in case if love does run out if Climate Change hits,
Let's pool our love tonight to stop the Apocalypse.

Love your spirit, want stay near it, let's seek a quieter nook.
We're the perfect mixture, for the picture, on the "Best Couples" book.
Ads sell countless non-solutions, sea trips in deserts,
but just love brings resolution... let's try how it works?
The Huns found this normal, but our ancestors were more formal.
To guess from the tale, they got us by mail.
Rules, lords, history all end disproved at some date,
but love in a million years, will be same old great.
Every time when trusted wisdom falls 'splat' on its mug,
Recall, trusting love instead can keep us safe and snug.

Most any forest, is a chorus, of bird calls full of haste.
They skip philosophy, theosophy, they just seek a mate.
Who has saner priorities? Men who fight for words,
Or these forest majorities, who focus on flirt?
One sings, "Hey, I will woo you, and this is cuckoo, but here's my nest, see me maybe.
It's hard to look at your plumage, and not rummage, how you like your eggs baby?
It would be heaven to unite, right tonight, to fly up the peak...
It's heaven forever, when we're together, dancing beak to beak."
Logic lasts just a few thousand years than disproves flat,
Love brings joy since one billion years - why not follow that?

I got talents, from my parents, gifts I don't mention much.
I attract chocolate, love a shop(ping) trip, and shrink hip size by touch.
I can move love handles to a mean girl's hip,
There is just one tiny tangle, sometimes I fib a bit.
Our cozy double's the perfect couple, what a kid could we create.
His beauty coming from you, brains too, not much from me for his sake.
Darling, come near, don't fear, hear my hearts Morse,
"My love it's clear, though I beat here, I am no one's but yours".
If you seek just one sure thing which stands the test of time,
Falling in love will always feel totally sublime.
Just in case if love does run out if Climate Change hits,
let's pool our love tonight to stop the Apocalypse.


released June 21, 2016



all rights reserved


George Kopeczky Honolulu, Hawaii

A pianist and composer with a degree from the Academy of Music, Zagreb, George Kopeczky lives in Hawaii since 1991. He played classical concerts with symphonic orchestras, set up recording studios and played keyboards for groups in Hawaii like the Kava Boys.

His studies in Hawaii include courses of Hawaiian culture at Kapiolani Community College. Aloha Rhapsody is his first orchestral work.
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